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The wilds outside the town of Brackenburrow, are very dangerous and filled with "abandoned ruins" members of the White Scales are constantly going out to explore these ruins, to various results, here the order has transcribed the information that they know below, and how deadly they are. 

Rookie Dungeons (1-3) 

Overgrown Temple: Old temple to Pelor which was abandoned over a decade ago. 

Goblin Den: A smelly cave and frequent goblin lair. 

The Abandoned Tower: Old military base, now flying an unfamiliar flag. 

Sunless Citadel: An old fortress that was drawn into the ground by a sinkhole. 

Bandit Camp: A camp held by deserters marauders and worse. 

Fort Luxgrad: A elven fort, which is now fought over by various monster occupants of the forest. 

Archaic Stone: An ancient stone on a hill, worshiped by Bugbears. 

Gluboch Tribe: The sacred fighting ground of the Gluboch Bullywug Tribe. 

Frogmarsh Ruins: Ruins shunned by the local Bullywug's who believe it is "haunted" 

The Alchemist's Tower: A strange tower once belonging to a even stranger man. Rumors abound about caves beneath it. 

Heroic Dungeons (4-6)

Sunken Abby: An ancient Abby sunken deep into the muck of the swamp, which is said to hold great riches from the old monastery. 

Alkastor the Shadow: A young black dragon who has acquired quite a following. 

Greywater Watch: Many rumors abound about this old swamp fort which is said to only appear on nights of the full moon. 

Vulcroft Manor: The old manor house of the Vulcroft family, now turned into vampires. Luckily they have vacated the premises. Unfortunately some of their old minions still lurk within its walls. 

Darkscale Retreat: A large cave system occupied by the powerful darkscale lizardfolk, and a brood of black dragons. 

Dark Pact Territory: A clearing perfect for the moon. An ideal meeting place for the Dark Pact Lycanthropes. 

The Lone Watcher: A statue built outside of Gloomhollow. What it is watching isn't exactly clear…

Crypt of the Lost Hero: The tomb of a great hero who legacy has been lost to time. Ripe for plundering. 

Witchstone: The intricate labyrinthine ruins occupied by the Green Hag Gruntilda. The locations of her sisters are unknown. 

Swamp Temple: A murky temple deep into the temple dedicated to some unknown god. 

Sprite Grove: A faerie grove. According to travelers these fairies have a taste for human blood, but this has not been proven. 

The Ancient Gate: A massive gate, that no one has been able to open. Untold riches abound inside! We think. 

Veteran Dungeons (7-10)

Drowned City: A city lost beneath the stagnant waters of Lake Talentia. 

Warped Citadel: A castle warped by the flora of the Fangest Jungle

Dark Visage: A shadowy reflection of our world, accompanied by a creepy tomb.

Ruins of Abathor: An eerily abandoned city, a place frequented by plunderers. None of which are brave enough to travel to the deep recesses of the undercity, which holds great riches…if you can keep your mind. 

Strange Totem: A reality distorting device frequently guarded by nasty beasts. Plan for a long stay. 

Deepstone Caverns: While the upper levels provide a decent challenge for Rookie/Heroic Adventurers, as you get lower the threats become much more deadly. 

Sylvan Palace: A beautiful elven palace, pristine, yet abandoned. Ripe for the plundering. 

Legendary Dungeons (11-15)

The Necropolis: The lair of Christina Vulcroft. A powerful vampire who is not to be trifled with. A very experienced group would be the only ones capable of reaching her vast fortunes. 

The White Scales

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